Youth Ministry


The youth ministry at FBC seeks to engage students with God's Word, help them apply Biblical principals to their lives, and encourage spiritual growth. The youth also enjoy opportunities to have fun and to fellowship with one another by going to summer camp and youth events. We also try to provide students with a chance to fulfill Jesus' command (Acts 1:8) to be witnesses, by going on both local and national mission trips. At FBC we provide several ministry opportunities for students in 7th-12th grades such as: Sunday School 9:45am and student-led Worship and biblical teaching on Wednesday starting at 6:00pm. 

Disciple Now Weekend

D-Now is one of the biggest activities that we do as a youth group. Every year we gather with other local churches in the community to come together and have an awesome weekend were we can grow closer to God. 

The purpose of a corporate D-Now weekend is that it allows students from local churches in the surrounding communities to gather together for a weekend of encouragement and discipleship. 

The goal of D-Now is for students to engage in the worship of God, hear the word of God preached, and apply God’s truth in their lives. This is accomplished through the corporate worship times where students would engage in worship through the singing of God’s praises and hearing the proclamation of His word. The application of God’s truth into their lives happens during small group sessions, which will follow each worship service. In the small groups leaders will be provided discussion questions in order to facilitate discussion as students wrestle with the application of God’s truth in their lives.

D-Now is intended to offer times of corporate worship and fellowship, but also maintain a focus on the local churches. The local church emphasis is maintained through the time at the host homes and the small group sessions, which will be the responsibility of each local church. 

Youth Camp

Summer camp is an extremely important part of the youth ministry at First Baptist because it gives students the chance to grow in the relationship with the Lord. Summer camp offers students an entire week of being removed from the distractions of this world and the opportunity to focus on God.

This year we will be going to PowerPlus Youth Camp at Pineywoods Baptist Encampment. Here is a link to the learn more about PowerPlus:

Here's a picture of our most recent group!